Friday, December 10, 2004

Time for Fun

Ha ha!!! Today is the last day of my current contract! Which means that my next 2 projects are ones i'll be working on out of my home studio. Which means...yah! I'll be home for the next FIVE weeks. (little jig with bad irish impression here) I'm so excited. I will, of course, be freezing while i work because we have no insulation and we cant just be turning on the heat willy nilly (what are we MADE of money?) but still...track pants. Working in track pants. And slippers. And maybe. Depending on how efficient i am. Extra time to work on the house. And certainly cook. Joy!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The cat sleeps on my face

cat allll curled up
Originally uploaded by merideth.
That's right. On. My. Face. I have no new house news to report so this is what i'm discussing today.

So this is a brand new thing for him and here's how it goes: in the middle of the night, when i'm already sound asleep, he creeps over to my pillow, curls up in the tiniest ball like so and gets himself DIRECTLY on my face. No. like all the way. I sleep on my back and he is like some furry cowboy hat i've covered my face with to get me some shut eye.

So once he's balanced himself on me, my mouth gets full of fur and believe it or not ONLY THEN do i start to wake up. That's right, somehow he fully walks all over me with his little peg feet and gets settled before i start to reach consciousness. But then, the thing that actually wakes me up and makes me go "what the Ef?" Oh yeah. He SNORES. He takes a deep breath that ends with a tiny chirp. With every freakin breath. He snores on my face.

And it's happened the last 3 nights. I dont care for it.