Saturday, March 26, 2005

cool black and purple iris

cool black and purple iris
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Can we just discuss for a moment how cool these are? Black and purple iris. The photo doesnt do them justice and they're popping up all over the front yard. Beth promises that by next year they will have multiplied enough that i can clip some and bring them inside. Until then i drool lasciviously at them whenever i walk past.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Nothing photo-worthy

It was all about the prep work this weekend so no shiney visuals to share: 1. Beth de-weeded the back yard and planted a few more flowers and plants which she bought on the way home from art class (yes, she has a problem) 2. I cleaned up all the detritus that had collected on the back porch from various adventures in planting, window installation, stucco work, roof repair etc. 3. Beth planted an angel's trumpet which i've been anxious to get as they are so cute and smell GREAT. And, it turns out, the reason they are so fragrant at night is because they're pollinated by bats! How cool is that? 4. Went to the paint store and got all the primer and paint for the outside trim and windows and wood stain for the pergola in the backyard. 5. Went to the lumber yard to price the materials for our fence repairs. And that's it. Boring visually? yes. Exciting in what it foretells? YES!