Wednesday, June 15, 2005

tiny purple potatoes

tiny purple potatoes
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So the second best reason for blowing off work on the house (getting married holds the no. 1 spot, mindy & teague) is having company. We had beth's mom with us for the weekend so we took the opportunity to lay off the projects and sit around. Oh sittin around. It feels so....wierd.

Slacking has wound us up for next weekend though and it looks like we might finally get started on the double-hung windows as the window book recommended by Jeanne finally arrived (amazon just lost its mind over that one and became incapable of getting the thing in the mail).

In vegetable news, beth pulled out a couple of the potato plants that were crowding my tomatoes (NOTHING may threaten the tomatoes, oh no, nothing) and they had the cutest little spuds attached. Yes, they are purple. Yes, that is a bottlecap. The potatoes are small. Small. So now i'm all excited for the rest of them to grow and get big. Big. I have great plans for purple french fries. Dude, that's just kewl.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Ich Bin Oklander

behold the mighty auger
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Well it's not a wall we're putting up but a big ole fence just the same. Now this fence is not complex in design. It does not have recessed panels in the mission style. It does not have horizontal planking in a subtle nod to the modern. It is, in fact, a simple redwood fence, built by us, to do 2 jobs. 1. To hold in the dog and 2. to hide the garbage cans. So far, at holding in the dog it is an unqualified success.

We spent the weekend tearing down the rotted portion of the existing fence, digging all postholes, anchoring corners and gate-holder holes with cement, planting poles, hanging rails, skinning the first 35 feet, and building 1 gate. It is a simple, sturdy, and VERY pink new fence.

Still to come is the remaining 35 feet of railing and skinning, one gate, and one lovely arbor. It is this portion that will hide the garbage cans. Oh and yes i will be staining the whole shebang as i do not care for the pink of natural redwood. Where am i, Miami? No.

Things I love:
1.the new skil cordless drill/driver with 2 batteries that take only 1 hour each to recharge
2. The AUGER!! rent it.
3. the striped hammock from pottery barn
4. beth's new non-janky gate
5. the fence portion that no longer relies on a tomato cage to stay closed

Things i do NOT love:
1. The varying pink and salmon color of the redwood planks
2. The fact that home depot told us we needed twice as many heavy ass bags of concrete as we actually did forcing us to lode/unload them TWICE
3. That the hammock poles dug 3 feet into the ground and sunk in concrete STILL came out of the ground (oh yes, it will be remedied)
4. the bruise on my back from where i fell onto a pile of lumber