Thursday, April 28, 2005

Remember how i hate oil-based stain?

somehow or another i totally jacked up this post...suffice it to say i finished staining the pergola with the hateful oil based stain and it looks good. jeebus.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

So romantical...

Originally uploaded by merideth.
So this weekend we hung the porch swing that we put toghether a few weeks ago. Okay but here's why it's so romantical: beth got this porch swing for me as a Christmas present the first year we were together. On the back, she did this:

Could it be any cuter?!! No. No my friends. It could not. We've had it in storage since 2000 because, as we lived in san francisco in a 1920s converted store, we had no place for a porch swing.

I spent yesterday staining (officially hate oil-based stain) the stand so that it matches the swing. It was just raw pine and this photo does not capture how way better it looks now. (I hadnt yet trimmed the chains in this photo.)