Friday, September 23, 2005

It's like new, but OLD! But not crappy.

look at that!!
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Okay so after like 3 weekends of working on the window repair (actually, it was 2 weekends...i've just been too swamped to blog it) TAAA DAAAAAAA! Dudes of the house-reno community (and i mean "Dudes" like Dudekind, so that includes Chicks) behold my magically created corner brought forth from thin air!!

Now, there are 9 photos on flickr that show you what i started with. So just go over there and have a look.

Click here to see why the angels sing! My comments and clarifying remarks are under the photos.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Second coat

dixie with a second coat
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When you walk under the saw horses holding the freshly painted white window, you might end up with a second coat that does not match your original, furry one.

But you are not unhappy with the situation and you did retreive the squashed cherry tomato that had fallen there.

(Dont worry piece de resistance window to come.)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I know, I know...where have we been

Trust me, I'm only helping you by not posting endless refrains of the following: "today we rot fixed, sculpted, sanded, stripped, primed, painted, repaired, reglazed windows" As truthfully that is ALL that's going on. It's not fun to do. It would not be fun to read about. BUT, by way of a teaser i will say that my piece de resistance of re-construction will be unvelied this weekend. I created a corner where there was NONE! None people. There was air where there should have been corner. Just you wait til you see the end result. Tune in next time for...ADVENTURES IN EXPOXY PUTTY!