Friday, March 31, 2006

Really, REALLY...dont.

You think you're tired of my writing about rain? You're one fifty zillionth as tired of it as I am. But i have to write about it because, folks, that is all that is happening. So, with no actual work going on at House Made, I decided that the next best thing i can do with my time is research. (Beth says i should have been a library sciences major with my love of the research. Oh that's just in case you had some doubt about just how big a dork i am.) Annnyyway. So i was poking around the Historic Chicago Initiative's website, wishing that the Bay Area had an equivalent when i came across this great list of dos and don'ts when restoring/rehabbing bungalows. It's a pretty common sensical little list but looking around my own neighborhood shows me that the sense is not, in fact, common. If you'd like to bury your head in your hands and cry "noooooo" to the computer, check out the first don't image under "front porch, entry ways, and doors." Now all of you, get out there and inform your neighbors! Question their trim choices! Point out shoddy pintucking! And mock the brochures full of characterless crap windows they want to install. It's for the good of all really.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Improvements pending

bungalow next door
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Okay so picture those old water towers you see in small towns. Okay. Now picture one built right above your house and breaking open on top of your roof. Now make that happen for over a month. That pretty much sums up our weather and the reason for the dearth of resto work. Good news: sun is forecast for this weekend. Fingers crossed.

In other news, the little bungalow next door to us may soon be improved. It's languised for 8 years, abandoned and sad. Just last weekend though, I met the man who owns the property. He was walking around the house with a guy who was making sketches so I ran over and grilled him.

Turns out, he's had a long-term illness but is now preparing to fix up and improve the house. Hoo. Ray. Now we just have to hope he does it sensitively. Really though, a coat of paint would help markedly.

And yes, for some reason, the columns have been wrapped in vinyl siding. sigh.