Friday, February 17, 2006

You. Are. My shiiinnning star....

restored, cleaned, and sealed
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Just a window? Just a window you say? HA! Not so, not so! This window is an awning window secured by hinges on the outside and is 2 stories up on a hill that makes it a bear to get to. But the real thing worth noting about this window (and its twin that's not shown)is that you can see THROUGH it. Its glass is shiny. Crystal clear even.

We got these 2 windows reinstalled after their rot fixing and reglazing overhaul just before the rain started back in november. Well last weekend the rain stopped briefly allowing us to take the window out and sand it a bit so that it opens easily. Beth then cleaned all the glazing compuound fingerprints that completely covered the pane (no seriously, it was like we had frosted windows) and painted the now-cured putty for waterproofedness.

As blog posts go, not so exciting. But in our world, worthy of celebration.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Stripping on the Pole

stripped post
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Yeah so i got down to stripping the first pole on the front porch (see, it's not nearly as "Crazy Horse" as you might have thought by the title, dirty-mind) this weekend. I'm psyched by the pile of stucco-paint-child-of-satan shards that litter the porch floor but let me tell you what is not easy. It's this: removing random crap that someone has adhesed to your house. Not easy. See also "not fun."

On the upside, progress is being made and it looks like the posts are redwood. Rock on. In addition to it being cool that my california house is built largely of california redwood, i get a money-saving bonus. We have leftover redwood that can be used to creat the new moulding. A penny saved is a penny that can to go my nailgun fund my friends!

Now just have a look at this ridiculousness. No really. I need you to see this and ask yourself "wtf?!" in the same way i do.
Yeah. Left side. Paint. Right side. Stucco-ish stuff. Oh the craftsmanship.