Monday, October 17, 2005

It's just not scary enough

This weekend was spent doing odds and ends. We touched up paint. Puttyed and sanded holes. Caulked trim. You know that kind of crap that's always dangling at the end of every project. What we did NOT do, is decorate for halloween. And that sucks. I love halloween. Love it. This year i'm not decorating because adding spiderwebs, bats, tombstones and pumpkins to the bombsite that is currently our house would just make getting in and out of projects worse. And we'll be out of town for actual halloween so i'm actually trying to discourage trick or treaters from pre-selecting our house. Last year I created a giant spider web from fiberous packing tape that encapsulated our porch, had spooky lights, and 4 jacks o' lantern. This year, nuthin. Scrooge McDuck. Or whatever. BUT, most importantly, we pulled out and started fixing the LAST set of must-be-done-before-rain windows and may actually get them repaired and reinstalled before we leave in 2 weeks. I will do the Macarena all the way to the airport if we actually pull it off.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Ctrl and F5 beth says will work

to make the whole page load. Stupid blogger.