Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Arival of...THE REALTOR

So yeah. We had this lady we THINK we're going to hire as our realtor when we get ready to sell the house come over and look around last weekend. We basically wanted to know if we're putting our money in the right places from a house-as-investment perspective and if our list of proposed projects is properly prioritized (dig that alliteration). To our delight, not only did she love our house but confirmed that the punchlist is in good form and we are on track for creating a very saleable little restored bungalow. Mini wave in celebration of us! I did, however, have to stop beth from lunging from the top of the steps and throttling the woman when she arrived and announced that "the front yard's really not that bad." Granted, it's not looking its best as most everything is now brown and dormant, but after all the work we (beth) put into it this year we were (she was) in no mood for winter-based lack of vision on the part of Coldwell-Banker. The little casa will be ours for a few years more to be sure. Projects and loving restorations are yet to be completed. But the next house will be the ONE.