Wednesday, August 24, 2005

...and then there's crazy

Yeah. Some folks think were nuts for putting time, energy, sweat, money, sleepless nights, exhausting weekends blah, blah, blah into our obsessions houses. But at least we're not the folks i saw on Location, Location, Location on bbc america last night. A couple, with the wife 6 mos pregnant, were looking for an old country house in Suffolk. They wanted something they could put "their own mark on" ie a fixer. Their top choices were a. a huge medieval estate from the 1400s, b. a huge house that had been a pub from the 1300s (rejected because the kitchen was updated) and c. another huge estate from 1600s (among a few other properties which were rejected for various reasons). Now THAT, my friends, is crazy. (But the show is good.)