Monday, January 30, 2006

And so it begins...again

porch plan
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I never could have ignored the house projects without a lot of dedicated help. I'd like to thank my sofa-with-dog for being so cozy and welcoming; the holidays for offering baking and craft projects; the cold, wet, windy bay area winter for putting a stop to all outdoor projects; and last but not least the post-holiday bills for showing me the clear impossibility of putting cash anywhere but on the visa bill. Thanks to you all for your contributions to the great house-slack.

But now it's back to the drawing board. And in this case, that's literal. I broke out the pad and paper and went old skool with my drawing skills. (Everytime I wanted to erase a line, my brain went "ctrl+Z"'s sad really. That's the computer command for "undo" for extra clarification.) I sketched out the plan for the stage 1 of the front porch reno. (Stage 2 involves tile but cannot be accomplished before major concrete work is addressed.)

Stage 1, however, will hopefully bring a little rustic charm to the front of the casa. Seriously, it can't get any worse than the weird spattering of spray can stucco that a previous owner applied like ceiling texture to 2 sides of each column. (wtf?!)