Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The cat sleeps on my face

cat allll curled up
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That's right. On. My. Face. I have no new house news to report so this is what i'm discussing today.

So this is a brand new thing for him and here's how it goes: in the middle of the night, when i'm already sound asleep, he creeps over to my pillow, curls up in the tiniest ball like so and gets himself DIRECTLY on my face. No. like all the way. I sleep on my back and he is like some furry cowboy hat i've covered my face with to get me some shut eye.

So once he's balanced himself on me, my mouth gets full of fur and believe it or not ONLY THEN do i start to wake up. That's right, somehow he fully walks all over me with his little peg feet and gets settled before i start to reach consciousness. But then, the thing that actually wakes me up and makes me go "what the Ef?" Oh yeah. He SNORES. He takes a deep breath that ends with a tiny chirp. With every freakin breath. He snores on my face.

And it's happened the last 3 nights. I dont care for it.


At 12/03/2004 11:26:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am SO CRACKING UP because my pal Lisa and I just had this SAME conversation about Dave the Cat and his face sleeping preferences.

And he is a whopping 16 piggy pounds, the big furry slob.

And he has long hair that is impossible to floss out.

Yes, it IS disgusting. Sorry to share too much there.


At 12/06/2004 08:20:00 PM, Blogger merideth said...

hahahah...i had no idea this was a common cat behavior...beth suggests that maybe this activity is where the old wive's tale about cats sucking the breath out of babies came from...if a 16 lb cat slept on a baby face that would for certain "suck" the breath right out!

At 12/07/2004 07:24:00 AM, Blogger Kristin said...

A friend of mine has a cat that wakes her up in the night by drumming on her head with its paws.

Our kitties aren't allowed in the bedroom at night ... they run around and act like holy terrors at 4:30 a.m. On the dot.

At 12/08/2004 03:52:00 PM, Blogger Amber said...

Ok, so I totally commiserate with you on the cat thing. My cat -- 11 pounds and looks a lot like the Boy -- enjoys sleeping on my head. I sleep on my stomach, and so he sleeps on the back of my neck or head. He doesn't snore, but he purrs REALLY LOUD and sometimes he also drools. And that concludes the too much information portion of this post. In other news, I love your posts -- they crack me up. The house looks SO GREAT!!!

At 12/08/2004 05:13:00 PM, Blogger merideth said...

kristen, i think you have the right idea shutting the cats out at night...but then...i would just feel soo sorry for the boy...he's tv time lap has already been usurped by the dog...i feel i owe him bed time... that you amber? are you cat commenting? hmmm...i see where your true sympathies lie and they are NOT with the plights of our house... ;)

At 12/17/2004 09:16:00 AM, Blogger Kristin said...

We tried letting them sleep with us for a while when we first moved in our house, but then we got a fancy new comforter and were afraid they would get scratch-happy.

They get plenty of TV lap time now that it's cold. When it's warm, they're not interested! Lets us know just how high on the totem pole we are ...


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