Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I'm a little worried

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So the rains have come. They're only slightly early, but early nonetheless. And this is bad. It's bad because the house is still un-stuccoed, riddled with holes, and the roof has a big leak in the kitchen. We knew about the leak and even have the guy lined up to fix it but he cant start fixing until the stucco is on. And, as previously mentioned, the stucco is not on.

We love our stucco guy and have hung in there with him even though he's been so busy he's had to push our start date out. But beth called him on saturday, after the rain bucket on the kitchen counter was full, to see how things were looking. His response was "oh shit. i forgot about your roof." But now things have started moving. We picked out a color for the stucco top coat and the scaffolding guy came over yesterday to take measurements. The place might actually look good by the xmas season!

On the upside, in its current creepy, delapidated state, it's one big halloween decoration (according to beth).


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