Friday, September 03, 2004

I've Seen the Light

new window Originally uploaded by merideth.
And it's name is "New Windows." I can barely work for wanting to come home and just look at our new windows. Not OUT our new windows. At them. Beth researched all over the place to get us the most reasonable combination of quality and value and we are thrilled with the results. They are Milgard double hung windows. They are double paned, uv coated, and they tilt inside for easy cleaning. They are beautiful. Not exactly period, but not wackily non-period either. We think they do nicely. As an added bonus, the window installer guys took off all the unnecessary burglar bars that were ugly and making the rooms that much darker. We just put them on the back of the house because we plan (fingers crossed) to actually restore the original divided light windows on the front of the house. But on the back, we just needed good solid windows with screens. (Bugs stay out, cat stays in.)


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