Saturday, August 28, 2004

Day 1

Well Day 1 wasnt documented. And i'm sad about it. Sad. We found the house. We loved the house. We bought the house. We did a dance of joy at our unbelievable good fortune in grabbing it up before someone else did. But i genuinely thought that our thrill at owning a 1922 bungalow fixer would diminish as the newness of the whole house-procurement experience wore off. I was wrong. I had no idea we would get so IN to our house. I mean, yes, we've had an HGTV addiction since the network first went on the air and yes, we're both creative types, and we have a love for early/mid century accoutrements, but I didnt think that would add up in a way that made our lives house-centric. Yet here we are. Hardcore. We've done a good bit of renovation/restoration already including some basic things like painting. But there is more, oh much more, to come. I want it documented. I want this freakin huge craft project of ours spelled out and illustrated. I'm aware that, in the end, it may serve as a dire warning of what never to do again.


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