Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Valentine's day means no workin

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That's right. No workin'. Beth sent me these GORGEOUS irises...love how their architectural structure is complimented by the deco vase...my favorite. Who loves her baby?

And to celebrate we had a massage therapist come to the house and knead our cares away. It. Was. Awesome. I mean, the massage is always great, but let me tell you, it is heartily improved by not having to jump up, get dressed, and drive home.

Beth has decided that it's better than having a houskeeper. mmmm. happy fake holiday.


At 2/16/2005 07:26:00 AM, Blogger Kristin said...

Oooh, pretty flowers!

At 2/18/2005 09:51:00 AM, Blogger Cyber Sid said...

Such flowers! What a couple! What a couple of flowers! Mazel tov to you both on this fine home.

At 2/21/2005 10:36:00 AM, Anonymous Toby Vann said...

A while back, there was a brief notion that we were the only ones keeping a house reno blog.

Then I figured we'd cornered the market on the gay couple home reno blog.

Now I'm just happy to know we're not alone.

Keep the post coming!

At 2/24/2005 11:38:00 AM, Blogger merideth said...

hey toby! thanks for the encouragement! i'm off to check out your projects.



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