Friday, January 28, 2005

What comes after rock?

Weed abatement fabric of course! scha. So last weekend beth rolled out and staked down the professional grade landscapers' fabric (she would have none of the standard, amateaur grade). After pulling out and poisoning all the oxalis, this fabric is our next line of defense so beth is not fooling around. After the fabric went down, she pulled out her color-coded plant map (phase1), laid out, and planted the first batch of plants.

She did all the heavy work on this...i was pretty much there in my capacity as lazy ass.

Okay i did trim all of our gorgeous and giant sage plants down to sad, bloomless spikeballs in preparation for replanting in the front.


At 1/28/2005 07:20:00 PM, Blogger Jess said...

This fellow lazy ass "moral support" commends your gal on some fabulous yard work beginnings... (And you as well) Looking forward to seeing the results!

We're waiting for the springtime thaw to begin our onslaught. Smithers, release the nematodes! "...But, Sir!"

At 1/29/2005 12:17:00 PM, Blogger merideth said...

well jess, we all know that sometimes, especially with all the house projects going just gotta relax your booty!

As for this "thaw" you speak of...ah well...a great thing about california is that you get halloween, ski season, christmas, spring...

At 1/30/2005 12:23:00 PM, Blogger lg said...

I am so impressed (as I usually am with all you girls have accomplished!) that you've woman-handled those rocks. Having tried that myself in past years, I can truly say that it's a back breaking job! Wish I could've loaned Beth our jacuzzi-tub at the end of that day! Y'all's efforts are looking mighty good!

At 2/02/2005 05:48:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys are going to have some serious biceps from moving all those rocks. Looks like it's going to be a very impressive landscaping job. And somehow I doubt you were truly being lazy. At the very least, you were "documenting"!

We're drowning in snow, so we won't be getting to the yardwork for a few months yet. And that's just fine with me, I hate yardwork.


At 2/03/2005 07:27:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OH mY God! I can't believe the size of that sage plant, I can't even get my seeds to grow. That's it, wer're moving to california! Can we sleep over?


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